A 360 video is one of image recording techniques allowing to cover the entire surrounding images around the camera. The viewer is no longer limited with a narrow selected image, gaining full freedom of experiencing the filmed material, which was not common before.

Such a video can be displayed on a computer (controlling the image with a mouse) or on a smartphone (tilting the phone in different directions, just like your head) The most spectacular effect can be obtained when you watch such a video through special goggles (e.g. Oculus, Gear VR, or Google Cardboard). Such goggles will take you to the centre of the recorded events, becoming a part of virtual reality. It is up to you where you focus our vision. The VR magic cannot be described using words. You have to experience it yourself!

360 videos are a latest technology. It is a reliable tool which will certainly attract the attention of current or potential customers. The unique formula allows to engage the customer more, as compared to standard film productions. At times where thousands of stimuli and messages are fighting for the viewer’s attention, the exclusivity provided by isolating the users through VR goggles will certainly translate into measurable benefits. What is important is that this exceptionally innovative form of communication does not require huge capital expenditures.

The technology itself however, is not enough – it is important to plan even the smallest detail. We are concept-oriented – we will direct the experience so that the viewer will feel the desire to return to it to discover new things each time. Our long-term experience in film production allows us to execute even the most extraordinary ideas! :-)

Virtual reality can be effectively used as follows:

  • in social media: YouTube, Facebook
  • in retail outlets
  • during industry fairs - we guarantee a long queue to your stand ;-)
  • anywhere your representative cannot access directly.

Sounds great? :-) If you want to find out more, contact us!
We will be happy to meet you and present the huge benefits of using virtual reality.